Learn by Example.  One of the best ways to learn is by the example of others, and for that reason I have decided that the following details of successful MBA candidates should be shown to encourage others.

There are many ways to advance your career but one of the best is to obtain a good education from a top University or Business School. Here you can see three examples of people who have done just that. All were already successful in their careers, but wanted to to be that little bit better, and in their case it was by getting an MBA education. Each chose the Business School they wanted and they included Schools in America, Spain and Switzerland.

Of course education doesn't come cheap, but for top students there are often grant and scholarships available.

Of course if you are applying for most Business Schools they will require you to have sat the GMAT exam, details can be found on this Web Site - mba.com - The Official GMAT® Web Site

TOEFL is an English language test and may also be required. Details of the Test and how to apply for it can be found on this Web Site - TOEFL

I visited the MBA graduation of Alexander at Wharton Business School in May 2010 and photos of the day can be found HERE

In many cases scholarships may be offered to students, especially if they are top students that hard work, get good results in tests and produce excellent essays.

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My first position as a managing director I received in 2002 working in the representative office of Heitec AG in Kharkov Ukraine.  More
I always knew I would benefit from a Western education.  More
My name is Sanjar and I would like to tell about my experience of cooperating with George.  More
I have included Kateryna, not because she is studying for MBA, but because she is now completed her Masters course at Newcastle Business School and we are proud of her.   More

I am pleased that Naira has completed her MBA at a top English Business School.  More
Best congratulations to Maxim on his MBA Graduation in London.
You can find when the MBA World Fair is visiting your Country on the following Web Site. I have always found the World MBA Fair to be very interesting with lots of good advice available.
You can see a list of the World's top Business Schools on these Sites -
On my way to a business meeting in Bristol
Link to Kateryna's Graduation Ceremony here
I am very pleased that in the June 2016 referendum the British people had the good sense to vote to leave the EU. It will be a long process. Unfortunately so many self serving Conservative MPs, together with the SNP, Liberals, Greens and Labour are doing all they can to overturn the democratic referendum vote. It makes the British Parliament system a disgrace.

Independance Day  31 January 2020  Boris Johnson finally managed to get the UK out of the EU although we don't leave the EU rules until  January 2021

11.00pm 31st December 2020 - Finally after four and a half years we are free from the shackles of the European Union dominated by Germany and France.  Boris Johnson is to be congratulated that he manged to secure a deal, albeit not a perfect one, but better than Teresa May could ever have achieved.

I visited the Lawyer Acadamy in Kharkov, Ukraine recently and had a really enthusiastic welcome.  I spoke to a number of students who were interested in learning English,  Some photos can be seen here.
Perhaps these students in a Kharkiv, Ukraine school will be the MBA candidates of the future.  They are all keen English language students.  Link